Sustainability And ESG

Red Pine acknowledges that the success of our operations is best built upon the foundation of sustainability.

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pillars reflect our commitment to honest and ethical conduct with local communities and First Nations, monitoring and mitigating environmental impacts, and providing a safe, supportive workplace environment for our employees.


Environmental Impacts

Red Pine complies with all environmental laws and regulations in our exploration properties located in Ontario, Canada. During the 2023 reporting period, Red Pines was in full compliance with these laws and regulations. Though Red Pine is currently in the early exploration stage, we are actively monitoring and assessing the risks of the Wawa project, and developing mitigation strategies to deal with any potential future incidents.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As an early exploration stage company, Red Pine currently produces emissions mainly from light passenger vehicles, camp power generators, and contracted drill rigs, which only emit small amounts, and are diligent in maintaining this standard. Red Pine is in the process of developing GHG Scope 1 emissions targets both internally and for our contractors.

Water Management and Stewardship

Red Pine is currently involved in Surface Water Monitoring in the Parkhill and Grace-Darwin areas of the property for any run-off that may enter Trout Creek or eventually into the Michipicoten River System.

Red Pine has a mutually agreed upon consultation process to identify adverse impacts to Aboriginal and treaty rights and engage with respect to accommodation, and establish a mutually beneficial, positive, and productive relationship.


Traditional Lands Acknowledgement

Red Pine acknowledges that the Wawa project is located on the traditional territories of the Batchewana First Nation, Garden River First Nation, and the Michipicoten First Nation.

Red Pine is committed to working with local Indigenous communities to address concerns, maximize social and economic opportunities, and remain environmentally responsible. Red Pine is committed to strengthening its relationships with Indigenous people based on the principles of trust, mutual respect, fairness, transparency, and reconciliation. We are committed to enhancing our understanding of Indigenous perspectives, traditions, and knowledge to develop, and undertake, sustainable business practices In addition to supporting consultation, Red Pine has agreed to support the promotion of employment opportunities for First Nations members.

Local Economic Development

Red Pine is committed to building strong relationships with local communities, such as Wawa, through enhanced community engagement and supporting the communities in which we operate. As our project grows in scope, we anticipate having a greater ability to source local contractors and employees from Wawa and local First Nations.


Health and Safety

Safety and Health in the workplace is a joint responsibility of Red Pine, its employees, and contractors. Red Pine places the safety of those who work on our projects as our highest priority, and will continually strive to improve our practices in order to better protect our employees and contractors.

Commitment to a Safe and Respectful Workplace

Red Pine is committed to providing a safe and respectful workplace and environment for our employees, contractors, and visitors to our sites. This includes making concrete commitments to:

  • Fair Dealing
  • Employee Privacy
  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention